Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It took me a while to get around to accepting this award. I’ve been busy with my exams and a while ago my blog went bam, and hence the delay. Anyhow now that I have gotten around to it, lets not waste any time talking about delays and other boring stuff. I was awarded this beautiful award by:

This Sicilian God Mother makes me laugh. Like, actual burst-out laughing. Her sense of humor and timing is damn near perfect. I’m sure you must have already seen her blog, but if you haven’t WHAAAAT ARE YOUU MAN?! No, kidding, Go see it asap. She’s amazing and sweet and funny and has this fantastic writing style.

Oh, don’t you want to see how this award looks?

very-inspiring-blogger-award-2 very-inspiring-blogger-award

TADAAAAA. *woot woot*

I am honored to receive this, and to have been an inspiration to anyone is truly an amazing thing for me.

Some things you might (or might not) want to know about me:

1) I love teddy bears. Yes, I’m 17 year old, and a self confessed soft toy freak.

2) I just attended my Business Boards practicals an hour ago. ( Hence the utter lack of any creativity)

3) Uh, I used to love smiley faces. And then, after chatting with a friend who abhors smiley faces for a couple months, I’ve literally stopped their usage.

4) I once got a dream that Richard Castle was at my school, and my principal ordered him to go marry Kate Beckett. Much to my joy.

5) I have weird nicknames for almost EVERYONE. My friends and I almost speak in a language of our own. The nicknames range from Mr.Rainbow to Potato.

Hehe, after that utterly weird five facts, let’s move on to my nominations.



This is an amazing fashion blog, something I stumbled upon quite recently. A definite must see.


OH MY GOD. I nearly cried at the mustache post she posted ! This blog is damn good, and recently featured on Freshly Pressed! (congrats on that, by the way!) Amazing amazing amazing.


Really awesome sketches and designs ! This blog is something nice and different ! I love it !


I always love a well-written post, and here, ALL THE POSTS ARE WELL-WRITTEN. Little wonder then that I almost stalk this blog.


Poetry to the soul is FOUND HERE. AHOY. AHOY. COME CHECK THEES AWESOMENESS OUT, MATEY. Beautiful, soul-stirring words. 🙂

Well, that’s all I have the time for right now, but thank you so much for this award ! And kudos to who I nominated. You guys deserve them 😀