Guardian Angel

This poem is dedicated to all those people in my life who have seen me through my worst. We’ve all pounced on the idea of a guardian angel, the savior in disguise. And mostly, it’s this guardian angel we take for granted. Often, when we finally get happiness, we tend to forget those who were there for us during our times of despair. It’s sad that we do that, but it’s the truth. So, here is a thank-you to those people in my life who have heard my wails and sacrificed shoulders and offered to punch (twice) the people who hurt me. Divya, Akansha, Swathi, Tushar, Chinmay, Joby, Tridha, Prerona, Bharath…these are some people I’ve poured my hearts to. They never flinched. THEY were (correction, are) my guardian angels, my rocks, my anchors, my friends. Thank you.

I cry in the darkness,

you lean towards me.

Hold my hand in yours,

Whisper silently.

Your wings cover my body,

as it wrecks with sorrow

and your soothing words

make me hope for a tomorrow

Because the night seems so endless

but you assure me it will cease

Because I can’t wait for the sun

to bring me some peace.

You stand by me,

as time passes by.

You soothe me when I scream,

You calm me when I cry.

After forever, I look out the window

and start to dance in the sunny weather

but when I look back you’re gone,

and clutched in my palm,

lies only a feather.