Creative Muse: Chameleons


There’s always been this one principle I’ve believed in strongly. I call it “The Anti-Chameleon Law”. Actually, I’m kidding. I obviously don’t call it that. Mostly. OKAY OKAY I CALL IT THAT DONT JUDGE.

But the only think we ever associate with chameleons are their power to adapt and change as per their surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to be an adjusting person. It’s just not good to change yourself simply because someone else wants you to.

Society demands so many things. It demands perfect body measurements and skin tones. It judges you, constantly. You’re, to put it rather crassly, screwed if you don’t follow it’s rules.

We don’t see what we’re doing when we say “Pink is the new black.” We’re dictating. We’re making the Pinks feel great and the blacks feel cheated. And just when the blacks have had enough of the ridicule, and change to pink, it is declared that, “Orange is the new pink.”

Of course I’m not talking about fashion, here. I’m talking about the ever changing expectations of society, and how foolish we are to believe in a constant. Some great person quoted that, “Change is the only constant.” We’ve repeated this statement like a parrot, a million times over. We’ve doodled it, and tumblr-posted it, and said it a million times over, except that we still have not REGISTERED it in our heads. When are we foolishly going to follow someone, simply because “society” revers him ? What is this society anyways? Who is this society? Is there a panel of judges from all walks of life rating characteristics out of ten?

Like, Honesty gets an 8/10 because it’s good, but not all the time unlike peep toes which are just so AWESOME.

Don’t even get me started on how people type lyk dis m8 lyk wat r u spikkin.

If that statement was typed out by an average person, people would be like, “What the ?!”

But if that same statement was said by a twitter celeb with over 1M followers, you’d see the style become viral.

It’s okay to follow a trend. Really. As long as you don’t let it change you. As long as you don’t let it alter with who you are.

Society isn’t made up of god-like people who have their morals so up high that they can judge everybody else against them. Society is made up of “idols” and idiots like you and me who hang on to their every word.

RELATIONSHIPS. Gah. It is in relationships that you most often see this “chameleon-istic” attribute, because everyone wants to seem “swag.” and so damn “upbeat” but here’s the truth, plain and clear,

NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO BE PERFECT. Neither was Mahatma Gandhi and neither is Angelina Jolie. All that matters is rising up with the imperfections, keeping your head held high, believing in who you are. It’s very easy to catch on to a passing trend, but it’s so difficult to do something worthwhile. We’re all made up of the light and the dark, and we’re never going to be wholly anything. WE ARE AN OREO. There’s some light inside all of us, and to reach there, we need to rip open the darker side.

So yeah, I penned down a couple of words regarding this “burning desire” to change people, or yourself into society’s twisted mould of perfection.

Stay true, stay you xD