Whispered words

I’d grown up

in the lap of society

She sang me lullabies

I gurgled with glee.

She whispered in my ear

to keep my words to myself.

‘No one should hear you.’

And so I did as instructed

I stifled my voice deep inside.

For so long, in fact,

that I forgot the very sound of it.


I forgot its existence.

‘Dear, is this okay?’

They’d ask me.

And I’d nod dumbly along.

‘Shall I do this?’

They’d ask me.

I’d shake my head vehemently,

but their backs were turned to me.

They couldn’t see me,

And they couldn’t hear me.

But I heard them.

I heard the people begging mercy

I heard the click of the shackles on bony hands

And I reached out to them.

Alas, my hands weren’t long enough.

I cried out, ‘Stop this horror.’

But cold air blew out my mouth.

And so


I tugged at my ears

I clawed at them

I ripped those bloody things away

So I stopped hearing

and pretended that was the solution

the right solution

and the blood continued to flow.

from me

around me

As I closed my eyes and slept peacefully.

I owe you guys a million apologies. My Wifi hasn’t been working for the past couple days, and hence there was no book challenge updates. I shall continue it today evening. PROMISE OKAY.