A Cure for Broken Shoulders

When the rain gravitates towards you

be still, my dear.

Be still and let it touch you

like a lover’s breath on broken shoulders.


It sings quite softly, my dear,

but when it does, I swear to you,

the world stops spinning to

let the stars sing along.


You’ll feel the tune escape your lips

and your soul will dance in bliss,

Be still, my dear, and let the lover’s

breath write stories of magic on your skin.








Before you begin reading what is sure to be a long-ass post, go and check out the tagline of the blog. It says something along the lines of Photography, musings and a bit of crazy with a weird emoticon accompanying it.

So I believe I’ve covered a lot of Photography in the past couple weeks ( I’ve also stuck to my new year resolution of more portrait photography, so yay!) and the ‘crazy’ element is always there. What’s missing? The musings !

HERE I AM AT LONG LAST. Truth be told, I haven’t had much time to sit and ramble out loud but I’m going to do it right now.

‘Stay Inspired’ is a theme I really liked because I think if I could give any advice to anyone from any country belonging to any religion and believing in anything in the whole wide world, it would be these two extremely profound words.

What does it mean? You can interpret it in any way you like. My personal inspirations range from amazing poets like Pablo Neruda and E.A.Poe to legend*waitforit*dary TV show characters like Barney Stinson, because everybody in this world has some quality in them that I admire. (Fine, maybe not everybody…)

Are you feeling really low today? Do you feel like the world just kicked you deeper into the sand? Did you just break-up with someone, or lose a competition you wanted to bag?

Did you just get rejected…again?

That’s okay. There’s going to come a time, and I speak from personal experience, when you can look back and the rejections make sense because they simply led you to a better opportunity.

‘Stay Inspired’ is very important in the global scenario today. Everyday we hear news about plummeting airplanes and wars and crashing economies, and everyday the world seems to get dimmer. Some people grumble about this, some get really angry, some get depressed, and some forget about it.

Stay Inspired is about believing that you have what it takes to overcome your troubles. Stay Inspired is about believing that good times are coming soon. Stay Inspired is about having a mature and more accepting attitude towards differences. Stay Inspired is all about YOU, and have YOU decide to change the world…because you CAN.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
— Dr. Seuss (The Lorax)



Lessons from School

My college starts in two weeks, and that’s a really absurd feeling. And yes, by absurd I mean anxious+excited+nostalgic+happy+creeped+relieved. At the biggest moments in your life, when you can sense that change is right around the corner, you tend to look back and assess the damages. What has been my life so far? How many people did I hurt? (Did they totally deserve it xD) Have I changed? Learnt anything ?

As children, we spend most of our lives at school. The classroom whose walls bear (along with cracks, of course) our scribbled drawings and footprints and the mark where someone accidentally splattered paint. The desks where the romantic couple scrawls S+P or T+A in a little heart, and the blackboard- Countless hours spent staring at the blackboard, memorizing every little nook and corner to avoid reading what’s actually been written.

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Because to me it feels that all my life, I’ve studied for a test, written it and forgotten everything xD (It’s not just me, go refer: Teenager Post) And looking back, it all seems so arbitrary. I could once recite the periodic table in my sleep, and now. Okay lemme try. Hydrogen Helium Lithium Beryllium Boron Oxygen (??) Carbon Fluorine…Okay, so I muddled up. But at this point, I can tell you all of Fayol’s principles of management without batting an eyelid. I can tell you about how inflation affects the GDP and how money printed abundantly without caution can kill an economy.

It changes. And maybe, if I stopped studying this for a year, I’d forget these too. Which begs the question, what did we REALLY learn from school.

Things I learnt from school:

1) My ABCDs: Okay, so maybe that came in handy.

And the number system and basic addition and multiplication that helps when you calculate the change you need to receive from the auto driver. 😛

2) Fractions: I can now divide a cake between my 4 friends fairly. [I get 4/5th and they each get a third of the remaining one fifth 😉 ]

3) The Punctuation Marks. They come in very handy for emoticons. 🙂 ._. ;_; 😐 heheh.

4) Defending yourself to a teacher will ALWAYS be construed as answering back, and shall ALWAYS send you out the classroom.

5) Nobody goes to the school restroom to pee.

6) That the best memories you make are the ones that get made when you have absolutely no clue you’re making them.

7) #justindianschoolthings Classes aren’t classes, they are fish markets.

8) Lunch breaks are never long enough, and if you’re with your best friends, you rarely eat your own food. It’s a picnic, m8.

9) My school taught me that age didn’t matter for friendship. Well, actually while I learnt this AT my school, it had little in actually teaching it to me, but. We have friends of all ages. In fact, one second grader named Meher actually considers me her older sister ^.^ Watching her and the other kids run to us from the end of the quadrangle is a lovely feeling, because kids love you for who you are. They don’t judge you, they’re just glaringly honest.

10) That you make the best friends of a lifetime at this place. That the classes I’ve bunked were worthwhile because the real lessons were taught outside the classroom. You get defeated and broken a million times, you fail in several tests, you are the social reject…these are challenges you learn to overcome in high school.

When we graduated, our entire batch stood on the stage, holding candles in our hand in a dimmed room. We  were all dressed differently, in shining and elegant and gorgeous saris and crisp, handsome suits. And yet, in the dark, holding the candles, the parents pride reflected in our glimmering eyes- we all looked the same. We all looked hopeful.

And so take it from me, school-goers. It’s okay to bunk a class to go watch a movie with a friend. It’s also okay to sit in the front row of the algebra class, hand poised to shoot up to ask questions. Because there’s no perfect example of how high school should be. High school is simply what you make of it.



Creative Muse: Chameleons


There’s always been this one principle I’ve believed in strongly. I call it “The Anti-Chameleon Law”. Actually, I’m kidding. I obviously don’t call it that. Mostly. OKAY OKAY I CALL IT THAT DONT JUDGE.

But the only think we ever associate with chameleons are their power to adapt and change as per their surroundings. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to be an adjusting person. It’s just not good to change yourself simply because someone else wants you to.

Society demands so many things. It demands perfect body measurements and skin tones. It judges you, constantly. You’re, to put it rather crassly, screwed if you don’t follow it’s rules.

We don’t see what we’re doing when we say “Pink is the new black.” We’re dictating. We’re making the Pinks feel great and the blacks feel cheated. And just when the blacks have had enough of the ridicule, and change to pink, it is declared that, “Orange is the new pink.”

Of course I’m not talking about fashion, here. I’m talking about the ever changing expectations of society, and how foolish we are to believe in a constant. Some great person quoted that, “Change is the only constant.” We’ve repeated this statement like a parrot, a million times over. We’ve doodled it, and tumblr-posted it, and said it a million times over, except that we still have not REGISTERED it in our heads. When are we foolishly going to follow someone, simply because “society” revers him ? What is this society anyways? Who is this society? Is there a panel of judges from all walks of life rating characteristics out of ten?

Like, Honesty gets an 8/10 because it’s good, but not all the time unlike peep toes which are just so AWESOME.

Don’t even get me started on how people type lyk dis m8 lyk wat r u spikkin.

If that statement was typed out by an average person, people would be like, “What the ?!”

But if that same statement was said by a twitter celeb with over 1M followers, you’d see the style become viral.

It’s okay to follow a trend. Really. As long as you don’t let it change you. As long as you don’t let it alter with who you are.

Society isn’t made up of god-like people who have their morals so up high that they can judge everybody else against them. Society is made up of “idols” and idiots like you and me who hang on to their every word.

RELATIONSHIPS. Gah. It is in relationships that you most often see this “chameleon-istic” attribute, because everyone wants to seem “swag.” and so damn “upbeat” but here’s the truth, plain and clear,

NOBODY IS EVER GOING TO BE PERFECT. Neither was Mahatma Gandhi and neither is Angelina Jolie. All that matters is rising up with the imperfections, keeping your head held high, believing in who you are. It’s very easy to catch on to a passing trend, but it’s so difficult to do something worthwhile. We’re all made up of the light and the dark, and we’re never going to be wholly anything. WE ARE AN OREO. There’s some light inside all of us, and to reach there, we need to rip open the darker side.

So yeah, I penned down a couple of words regarding this “burning desire” to change people, or yourself into society’s twisted mould of perfection.

Stay true, stay you xD



Dora – The Explorer !


T’was a lovely day. We walked the Vegas strip, and admired the hotels. There was, of course, the MGM Grand, where we stayed. Then came New York, New York. Excalibur, Monte Carlo, Wynn. Big titles, bigger statuses.

Gold, gold every where! There was the ka-ching of coins and the shiny dazzle of the posh decor. Casinoes were packed with people. Always. At any given time. Some were the serious type of people, gambling for a purpose. Others were aimless youngsters doing it for no good reason.

Either ways, every one was happy at the prospect of money. Earning it, preferably. Some looked up from their roulette tables and smiled at me. But for the most, they were focused.

Hotel to hotel we walked. Looked. Admired. We were awed by most of them, and did the usual tourist stuff. Cheesed for pictures, eyed the water features. You know, the usual.

As the day became more senile, and the sun light was replaced by the famous Vegas lights, we headed on towards a water fountain musical extravaganza.

There were the usual people dressed up as characters from cartoons. So, we had three mickeys standing in a row, next to three minnies. All begging for tips.

Turns out, it’s not very different from India after all.

We saw a drunk Homer Simpson. And a Transformer. We giggled at A Dora who was wearing full orange pants. Dora wears shorts, we smirked.

But as time passed, we realized something was wrong. Dora stood in one spot, silent. There was the big smile stuck on her face, but. There was the occassional movement, but. There was something wrong.

People were flocking to the Transformer. He was cool to have a photo with. And they looked at Dora. Laughed at Dora. Mocked at Dora. And Dora stood still, watching silently.

As we continued observing, Dora gently lifted her big stuffed head. We expected to see a high-schooler doing this for money, or hey,maybe a cute guy, but what we saw left us stunned.

Inside was a wrinkly face of an old woman. Seventy, perhaps. She was sad. It was blatantly visible.

In that moment, she wasn’t Dora. She wasn’t a large stuffed toy with a monkey toy slung around a shoulder. She wasn’t a greedy beggar.

She was human.

She was a person with a life story. A history, a future. She was a person hidden behind the mask. And while everyone mocked the mask, she lay inside the dark suit, determined.

We were so moved. We grabbed some money and ran to her.
She hugged us tight. We tried to give her the money, but she didn’t even notice it ! She was so busy holding us and hugging us and posing for the camera.
When she finally noticed the money, she shyly opened her empty tips bag and we put the money in.

Have a lovely day, I whispered to her.

I didn’t change her life. A couple of dollars won’t make any difference. ‘Have a lovely day’ wouldn’t necessary get her a lovely day. She’s probably still going to see a million haters.

But, she made a difference in my life. She taught me that there, against the sharp contrast of the richest hotels of the world, there was injustice. Unfairness. Discrimination.

Of what use is all the gold in the world to a thirsty man ? Of what use is all the glamour and riches, if only a select few get to enjoy it ?

Riches may dazzle your eyes. Poverty opens your eyes.

And there, in the middle of the Vegas Strip, Dora changed my life.